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At Homebox Organizing, we offer beautifully designed filing systems to help you declutter and streamline your life. Choose between our two signature styles: Blue Zen and Floral. Both options are available with or without a box to suit your specific needs.

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Welcome to Homebox Organizing

Homebox has been designing and manufacturing innovative organizing products for over a decade. Our flagship product, the Homebox Filing System, has been carefully crafted to simplify the task of keeping the most important documents in your life organized: from home and health to finances and more. With its pre-organized folders and expert tips, a Homebox leads to a more organized, stress-free life.

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Homebox Floral

A vibrant, cheerful pattern that adds a touch of beauty to your organization.

Homebox Organizing solutions

Homebox Blue Zen, With A Box Or Without

A serene, calming design perfect for any home office.

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Discover the purpose of each folder within the box. Click on the folder names to learn more about their specific uses and contents.

Folder Descriptions

Career and Education

You don’t keep hospital cards or immunization records in your wallet, so keep them here. When you need the records, they’re at your fingertips. For example, when you register your kid in school, or camp, or sports... you need to produce documents that may have been sitting around for years. Having a Homebox means you know exactly where to find them, without searching. If you are managing health issues, print off a journal PDF (which we should have on the website) and keep track of visits, symptoms, and treatments / medications. You will be taken more seriously when seeking medical attention if you have good records at your fingertips. Keep glasses prescription here for when the dog eats your glasses and you need new ones quick. Keep the list of walk-in clinics and urgent care / pediatric urgent care clinics here. Most pediatric urgent care clinics will hand out a sheet of all of them since they all keep different hours.


Keep lease, mortgage or ownership documents here. Records of repairs come in handy, as do receipts for warranty purposes. And a spare key fits. This is also a good place to keep neighbour’s keys if you swap, or other keys (storage unit, cottage, shed, etc)

Household Management

From insurance policies and safety guidelines to budget templates and expense trackers, it offers tools to safeguard your home and manage finances effectively. It also includes maintenance schedules, repair logs, and contractor contacts to ensure timely upkeep and repairs. Additionally, the folder features family calendars, event planners, and school schedules to streamline family coordination and maximize quality time together. With resources for both practical tasks and family organization, this section serves as a central hub for efficient household management and harmonious living.

Personal Papers

The "Personal Papers" folder safeguards vital personal documents such as birth certificates, passports, and wills, along with legal and military records. It stresses the importance of ensuring document accessibility and maintaining up-to-date information, including safety deposit box details for added security.


The "Recreation" folder is like our family's activity headquarters. Inside, you'll find schedules for everything from YMCA classes to yoga sessions, alongside our local gym's timetable. It's also home to essential documents like off-season fishing licenses and our PADI diving papers, giving them a place to belong. We've got maps for biking and camping adventures, making planning a breeze. Plus, we use it to track the kids' karate belt levels and CanSail sailing certificates. It's surprising how much we rely on it considering the variety of activities we enjoy—it's like having our own little recreation center at our fingertips.


Keep lease, mortgage, or ownership documents here. Records of repairs come in handy, as do receipts for warranty purposes. Additionally, it's a good idea to store a spare key here. This folder also serves as a convenient place to keep your neighbor's keys if you swap, as well as other keys such as those for a storage unit, cottage, or shed.


Staying on top of car maintenance can be made easy by storing receipts for oil changes and upkeep in this folder.

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  • Sam from Northern BC

    "I purchased 3 Homeboxes for my young adult children when they moved out. A fourth child graduated this June and a fifth just got his first job. It has been invaluable in getting their older siblings organized with university and their new careers, and I don't want to wait as long as I did in buying these awesome file boxes for them as well. I so wish this existed when I was just starting out!"

  • David from Digby NS

    "I recently found the Homebox online and was truly impressed. It is exactly what my wife and I require as we have been struggling with our bills and receipts for so long and can't seem to make sense of any of it.  Can you please advise if the box and kit will be coming back in stock soon?"

    (Yes, David, it’s in stock again!)

  • Luc from Quebec City

    "I just saw the episode on Dragons Den with your product and I would like to order a Homebox. This is exactly what I need as I have just bought my first house. Good on you for being strong on the show. You looked great up there against those fools!! Hope to hear back from you soon before the shoe box fills. Cheers, Luc"